What is Flight Crew Tools?
A collection of tools designed by crew members to make our commuting and work lives easier, or sometimes just more fun. Tools in the pipeline include: monthly pre-bid worksheets, AE simulators, Open Time & Swap Board notifications, seniority calculators, bid packet analyzers, trip swap helpers, and more.
Who runs this place?
The primary point of contact is a NYC based 757/767 pilot by day and programmer by night (and on layovers, and commutes, and...)

I'm that guy hunkered over his MacBook in the corner of the JFK pilot lounge - come say hi!
Is this sponsored by any airline, union or other organization?
No. FlightCrewTools.com is independent and not sponsored, approved or otherwise sanctioned, by any airline, union or any other organization.
What do you do with my personal data?
We HATE spam and unsolicited contact. Your data is never shared with or sold to anyone. You may receive occasional email updates from us. If you no longer wish to hear from us, just let us know. You always maintain full control over your account profile, and can choose to modify it at any time. If you decide you’ve had enough of us completely, just send us a note and we will nuke your record from our database. Simple as that.
When I attempt to login I receive a message saying my credentials don’t match. What can I do?
Use the Forgot Password function to reset your password, then try again. It’s unlikely, but if you’re still unsuccessful, send us an email.
How can I get ahold of you?
Send us an email: support@flightcrewtools.com We do fly normal schedules, so please be patient if it takes a day or two to receive a response.